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Hanekom Plant Hire & Civil Works as known today was originally started with the founding member Mr. Albert Hanekom in June of 1998 with 25 years’ experience in civil construction and blasting works.

HPS specialized in blasting work in the Northern Cape area, building a reputation for quality, fast and honest work ethics, HPS was forced to expand into Plant Hire in 2003 by the demand for soil preparation. The very first machine was a Komatsu PC 200 excavator, expanding from blasting to earth works and later to civil works as well.

Mr. Bertie Hanekom, son of Mr. Albert Hanekom, joined the team in 2005 to help manage the fast growing company. Mr. Bertie Hanekom studied a National Diploma in Financial Management and took part as plant manager while helping with the tender processes and budgeting debtors and creditors.

Mr. Albert Hanekom stayed focus on building strong relationships with old and new clients with the company’s core policy still been “quality & reliability”. Mr. Hansie Hanekom, youngest son of Mr. Albert Hanekom, started his career at HPS in 2013.

HPC was born

HPS decided to change the name from HPS to HPC to deal with expansions in the Plant hire departments and Civil projects departments.

Mr. Hansie Hanekom studied for a national diploma in building and then took his studies further and completed a B.Tech degree in Quantity Surveying.

He took over the tender processes with the guidance and help of Mr. Albert Hanekom. The father and son combination prove to be working well as Mr. Bertie Hanekom focused on plant hire and earth works while Mr. Hansie Hanekom concentrated on tendering and civil projects, and Mr. Albert Hanekom on quality control, client satisfaction and general management of the two divisions under the HPC banner.

Products & Services

  • Plant Hire
  • All construction & civils works
  • Bulk earth work
  • Drainage & storm water
  • Earth dams
  • Paving works
  • Sewerage systems
  • Water reticulation
  • Building bridges
  • Retaining walls
  • Reservoirs
  • Gravel roads
  • Construction of Aircraft Runways

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